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2/13 フィッシングメールに対する注意喚起


更新: 2013年02月14日
作成: 2013年02月14日

2/13 に一部の、ECCS および メールホスティング利用者宛に、以下に引用してあるフィッシングメールが送信された模様です。

なお、教育用計算機システム担当から利用者へのメールの差出人は ecc-support [at mark] というメールアドレスであることを確認していただくようお願いいたします。メールホスティングは、通常、利用者に直接メールを送ることはありません。

差出人: Information Technology Services 
件名: All Webmail Account Owner
日時: 2013年2月13日 18:49:51 JST
宛先: Recipients 

Dear Account User,

This message is from the Office of the Information Technology Services
(ITS) to all webmail account owners. Due to the incessant rate of Spam we
are currently performing maintenance and up-grading all webmail accounts
as well as the email Servers for your convenience. All email services will
be interrupted during this period, To prevent your account from closing
during this exercise you will have to update it below to know it's status
as a currently used account with a hard spam protector.

Has commence on December 1st to end March 10th 2013 beginning at 9:00 p.m.
until approximately 12:00 midnight to enable us increase the storage size
of your webmail account. Be informed also that we will not hesitate to
delete your email account if not functioning to create more space for new

Confirm Your email account Details by clicking on the reply button and
follow by your;


After upgrading, a password reset link will be sent to your email for new
password. Please understand that this is a security measure intended to
help protect your email Account.

Webmail Support Team
Warning Code :ID67321434